Ecoslay - Wash Day Bundle

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This bundle contains everything you need for a remarkable Wash Day! The gentle cleansing Peppermint Schnapps tingles your scalp to perfection. Follow up with the ultra-moisturizing Banana Cream Deep Conditioner (leave a bit in if you like!) Then top of the experience with the Orange Marmalade flax seed and aloe curl definer to keep your curls poppin' for days on end!

Kit Includes:
Peppermint Schnapps 8oz
Banana Cream Deep Conditioner 4oz
Orange Marmalade 8oz
    How to use:
    Apply Peppermint Schnapps sparingly to your scalp - you'll quickly discover how long a way a little goes! Massage the hair wash in for a bubbly, moisturizing experience. Rinse thoroughly.
    After cleansing, apply a liberal amount of Banana Cream to soaking wet hair. Evenly distribute and leave on for 30 minutes, using a heat cap for full penetration. Rinse.
    Apply Orange Marmalade liberally to soaking wet hair. Air dry or diffuse.